The New Brunswick Office of Innovation improves quality of life for residents through three strategic focuses:

Bridging the Digital Divide

Ensuring that all residents of the City have access to computer technology and the education necessary to use that technology to improve healthcare, economic, and other social outcomes.

Facilitate Services Using Tech to Develop Insights and Improvements

Using technology to help stakeholders and residents administer and access services, as well as gather and share information about problems, solutions, and successes. Using analytics to gather insights about governance, residential, and business processes in New Brunswick.

Diversify the Economy of New Brunswick in a Tech Oriented Direction

Encouraging growth in New Brunswick’s high tech industries and diversifying our economy while taking steps to ensure the distribution of the benefits these companies bring to New Brunswick are equitably distributed among all residents.

New Brunswick Office of Innovation works in three classes of activity – indicators of successful tech placemaking – indicators that are produced by a variety of actors in each locality they exist:

Executing Beneficial Projects, Performing Environment/ Ecosystem Development & MaintenanceSupporting Third Party Projects