Andy Kaplan

Andy is a leading expert in transportation safety, transportation engineering and urban planning. He currently is a transportation planner at the HNTB Corporation, and previously was the program manager at the New Jersey Transportation Safety Resource Center, at Rutgers CAIT. Andy is a national expert in transportation safety, and actively in setting the direction of safety research. He is currently serving on various research and professional society transportation safety committees. Previous accomplishments include supporting New Jersey local roadway owners through the creation of a Road Safety Audit (RSA) program, which has resulted in over $30 M worth of local roadway safety projects; development and modernization of statewide network screening lists, and conducted over 100 traffic engineering design investigations as an attaché to NJDOT Traffic Engineering and Investigations.

He received his bachelor’s in civil engineering and master’s in construction management in 2009 from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Locally, Mr. Kaplan currently serves as a member of the Planning Board in the City of New Brunswick, NJ, and a past-president of the Central Jersey Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Nationally, Andy was part of the inaugural LeadershipITE Class of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), and he is actively involved Institute of ITE Transportation Safety Council (TSC) and other ITE publication reviews. Andy additionally serves as a member of NCHRP 17-69 (Traffic Safety Culture), NCHRP 17-78 (Understanding and Communicating Reliability of Crash Prediction Models), and the research coordinator of TRB AN000(1) Roadway Safety Culture. Andy is also a member of TRB ANB10 (Transportation Safety Management), TRB ANB10(3) (Transportation Safety Planning Subcommittee), and TRB ANB 25 (3) [HSM] (User Liaison and Technology Facilitation). Previously Andy served as a Trustee at Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as a member of the Institute’s 7th Presidential Search Committee.