Municipalities that want to install municipal kiosks typically spend $7,500 – $30,000 per unit, brining the total cost for a fleet of 10 kiosks in medium sized town to $75,000 – $300,000, which is a prohibitive cost.

New Brunswick Office of Innovation has created software that reduces the cost of each unit to $500 – $750, which yields 10-unit kiosk fleets that only cost $5,000 – $7,500.

NBOI’s ‘Kios’ software can:

• Allow users to browse the internet

• Provide users searchable database of assets maintained by town

• Provide a calendar of events

• Run and deliver TV station on kiosk

• Send any content found on a kiosk to their mobile device via text or email

Kiosk Interface


The Kios software also means that any Kiosk deployed by a municipality is managed in a dashboard that gives administrators the ability to:

• Maintain database of locations and events

• Deliver a municipal TV station via kiosk, with the ability to watch on personal mobile devices

• Collect analytics on which content is most popular, and how long it is used

• Allow other residents and non-profits to create apps that can easily be deployed on kiosks.

Dashboard Interface